Corporate Identity

Corporate identity is reflection of what a company is and how it is perceived by outsiders. It is the set of values and principles held by the firm. It is also the way these values are communicated - whether verbally, in writing, visually in the form of marketing and third party media, or graphically as corporate logo and brand colors. All these elements together project the image of the corporation - its corporate identity.

Corporate designs, corporate communication and corporate behavior all play into the formation of your corporate brand identity, therefore consistency among these three elements is essential. A strong, consistent corporate visual identity throughout your communication and marketing efforts helps to effectively express your mission and create a solid image for your business. Your business logo and message should be coherent throughout, including on your company signage and banners, flyers, brochures, business cards, letterhead, stationary and other marking materials.

Sun Tech Web Solutions is a leading graphic design company specializing in corporate identity design, logo design, envelope design, letterhead design, fax sheet design and business card design. We uphold your corporate culture and enhance your company's public image through our various corporate identity design services.

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Distinct Corporate Identities with Sun Tech Web Solutions

Some of Sun Tech Web Solutions notable corporate identity design service features are:

  • Customized designs that build powerful and recognizable corporate identities for you.
  • Smart and innovative designs that are graphically appealing and commercially effective.
  • A team of experienced graphic designers and logo designers who understands your need for brand uniqueness and create designs thereof.
  • Corporate identity designers who pay special attention to your focus group, selecting color schemes, font styles and patterns for logos that are interesting and easily comprehendible by general viewers.
  • Designs that are unique to the last graphical details.
  • Designs that help your company gain a distinct competitive edge.
  • Highly affordable and quality services.
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